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CelluliteSolutionLA is the source for treatments of LPG Endermologie in Jerusalem, cellulite solutions & cellulite treatment in Israel, and nearby locations as well.

About Endermologie

Endermotherapy corrects muscular and soft-tissue problems caused by adhesion formation from acute injuries, repetitive trauma and/or constant pressure and tension. Endermologie simultaneously enhances circulation, creates lymphatic drainage, reduces muscle tension, and removes lactic acid and other inflammatory toxins. The therapeutic uses of Endermologie treatments are many and varied. Specific treatment protocols have been compiled, including:

Endermologie reduces appearance of Cellulite and tightens the skin.

• Back pain/injuries
• Headaches
• Muscle Pulls or Strains
• Muscle Weakness
• Neck Pain
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Low Back Pain
• Neck Injuries
• Fibromyalgia
• Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

• Edema
• Lymphedema
• Burn Therapy
• Scar Tissue Therapy (range of motion)


Who Uses Endermologie?

For Men And Women
Watch Your Body Change Without Radical Diets Or Exhausting Workouts!
Endermologie Will Help You Achieve Something No Lifestyle Change Can.
A Visible Improvement In Those Hard-To-Treat "Dimpled" Areas Will Give You Smoother And Tighter Skin.
It Will Help Re-Contour Your Shape Based On Your Body Type.
It Will Stimulate Your Circulation, Increase Your Metabolism And Soothe Muscle Spasms.

Stimulate Circulation and Increase Metabolism

Stimulate Circulation and Increase Metabolism

Re-Contour Your Shape Stimulate Circulation Increase Your Metabolism

Endermo therapy is a patented, state-of-the-art treatment for injuries to muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves and their surrounding soft tissues.
Endermotherapy utilizes the Cellu m6 key module, a medical device that has electronically controlled motorized rollers operating in combination with aspiration to treat, transform and rehabilitate the body's connective tissue disorders and/or injuries. The applications of specific protocols restore optimal texture, motion, function and release entrapped nerves and/or blood vessels through the removal of scar tissue, fibrosis and edema.

Rita Czech

Rita Czech

To better understand what Endermologie is and how it can help you, call for a free consultation with Rita, an expert licensed technician with 30 years experience in the medical field. The non-invasive mechanized manipulation techniques enable the medical professional to go right to the heart of the client's problem and address it.
Initially used by the top physicians in the world, Endermologie's popularity amongst women and men of all ages has propelled LPG treatments.
Endermologie treatments are painless. Treatment duration is one hour.

About Arasys

The Arasys inch-loss system is like doing exercise without having to go through the hassle of actually doing it. Other devices that claim to stimulate muscles use electrical current to twitch them. The Arasys uses no direct electrical current and does not target the muscles themselves but the nerves that control the muscles. Using waveforms that resonate your brains' own bio-electric signal, your body mimics the contraction that you get during exercise. The benefit of Arasys is that your muscles do not become overstressed because Arasys burns fat without depleting glucose level. Afterwards, your muscles are not sore or fatigued.

Arasys Effortless Power Workout

• Weight Loss
• Body Lift System
• Breast Lift
• Buttocks Lift

• Cellulite Reduction
• Lymphatic Detoxification
• Treats Entire Body
• Runs off of Soft Frequencies

• Equivalent to over 400 Sit-ups in 45 Minues
• True Inch-Loss System
• Tightens Muscles Painlessly
• FDA Approved in 2002


Arasys Treatment

A 45 minute Arasys treatment has the same effect as four to five hundred sit-ups and four hundred buttock raises. Typical inch-loss can range from two to six inches total. the Arasys system also helps speeds your metabolism, restores elasticity of your connective tissue, increases oxygenation and blood circulation, reduces cellulite, builds muscles, and boosts performance. Arasys has also been used to alleviate muscle pain and atrophy.

Arasys More

Origins of Arasys

Jerry Pollock, co-inventor of the pacemaker, and the Arasys originally designed to help those with multiple sclerosis. It proved so effective at tightening skin that no other medical applications are used. medical spas use Arasys for inch loss and cellulite removal, gynecologists to tighten abs after surgery, and plastic surgeons can use it to tighten skin after a liposuction. Arasys inch-loss system is safe, non invasive, with no trauma on the muscles and no side effects.

Rita Czech

Rita Czech

To better understand what Arasys is and how it can help you, call for a free consultation with Rita, an expert licensed technician with 30 years experience in the medical field. Arasys uses non-invasive mechanized manipulation techniques to enable the medical professional to go right to the heart of the client's problem and address it.
Arasys, initially used by the top physicians in the world, gained popularity amongst women and men of all ages and has propelled LPG treatments ever since.
Arasys treatments are painless. Treatment duration is one hour.

Arasys Effortless Power Workout

Speeds up muscle building and inch loss at a fraction of the time needed at the gym. Results are equivalent to strenuous exercise and they last as long. There is no gym burnout or muscle soreness since the Arasys procedure does not require glucose which is normally utilized during physical exercise - an important benefit because the body burns the surrounding fat cells without decreasing glucose levels. Thus prevents significant build up of lactic acid. Arasys naturally increases metabolic rate to promote weight loss, and is perfect for spot training to target trouble areas that cannot be conquered with standard exercise. The enhanced detoxification and blood circulation achieved during the Arasys treatment leaves you with an overall sense of well-being.

How is Arasys different from other systems that make similar claims?

Arasys has a high definition signal composed with up to 1,000 frequencies for detailed accuracy and stability. Arasys is not a muscle stimulator. It targets the nerve and resonates the signal that the brain sends via the nervous system during regular exercise.

Arasys Improves

  • Accelerates Muscle Building
  • Increases Stamina
  • Boosts Strength and Performance
  • Developed for Athletes and Body Builders
  • Power Detoxification
  • Inch Loss
  • Tighten Abs
  • Contours Buttocks
  • Promotes Healthy Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Tightening Loose Skin (e.g. after liposuction)
  • Breast Enhancement
  • Revitalizes the Body
  • Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin Toning
  • .

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    My wonderful clients have been gracious enough to share their personal opinions about my work and my care for each of them.

    “Rita is the best in all of Jerusalem. She takes great pride ion her work, and she works on you as though you are a canvas to her pant. I have always appreciated her professionalism, warmth, detail and care she takes with her clients. I lost hope after lipo that my legs would never lose its rippley effect. Rita was highly recommended and within the third treatment I began seeing results on my front legs and thighs. No Lipo, or additional surgery, not even diet and exercise would have changed the cottage cheese on my front and back legs from surgery. Not only would I recommend endermologie for the only true effective treatment to cellulite and improvement of skin elasticity, but it also depends on your Endermologist! She truly cares about her work!”

    By Victoria Bennett, Photographer

    “Rita combines her technical expertise, knowledge and passion with every client she treats. Before I started my own treatments, I saw amazing results from clients who thought they couldn't be helped. Endermologie has helped me beyond words with my "problem areas" while helping me with a chronic back pain I have had for years."

    Gail Foster Zanville - RN & Plastic Surgery Consultant

    “My clients' recovery time after liposuction has been cut in nearly half with Endermologie. Most clients have decided to continue therapy long beyond the recovery period because they enjoy the added benefit of smoother skin."

    Ryan Stanton, M.D. - Plastic Surgeon, BH

    • "Rita is Endermologie on Steroids.”

      By Laurie, P, Executive Assistant

    • "Rita, you have saved my body and soul. I appreciate and am so grateful for your Endermologie skills and am blessed and honored to know you as the dynamic woman you are."

      Tatiana A. - Model

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